A Note On My Windscreen

I got an interesting note stuck on my car windscreen last Sunday.

Interesting in an annoying kinda sense. I was parked in B2 at The Curve, Mutiara Damansara enroute to some shopping in case you’re wondering. The note reads:-

“They say people who don’t park within their lines suffer either from Astigmatism or A-Lack-of-civid-minded-initis.
OH GOD, give us a cure for the latter!!!!”

Now i’m not one to normally breach into the neighbouring parking space, but today i admit my right front tyre actually rested ON THE YELLOW LINE. Geez…

It’s worrying to think that the person who wrote the note actually visits malls and mingle amongst us. He/she (i’m guessing it’s written by a female because the handwritting is so neat and tidy; no stereotyping intended) must surely suffer from some obsessive compulsive disorder. I mean, what on earth could compel a person to take time to write a defamatory note like that whilst parked in a basement?! The person could be a perfectionist and an extremely civic human being (yeah right) but really, i was just on the freakin’ yellow line!

A remote probability is the person must have had a prior traumatic experience by people who breach his/her parking spot. Maybe he/she got his/her car dented, scratched or banged… Or worse still he/she was maybe bad-mouthed by a road bully or something or rather (trying to be nice here ).

Whatever it is, i wonder if the person is revelling in his/her action. If he/she is then all i can say is ‘GET A LIFE!’. But maybe, just maybe he/she is regretting it and is actually feeling bad (still trying to be nice here ), then lets just chill.

Me thinks life jolts you with one of these experiences every once in a while just to keep us grounded. And to make us think more about the people & situations around us. I guess we need to be more sensitive towards others because our idiosyncracies make us react differently to the smallest of things. What is indifferent to you & me might be a real big thing to someone else.

Whatever it is lets just be cool and level headed right? There’s enough stress around us as it is. Cheers!

*azlano via Nokia E61*


One thought on “A Note On My Windscreen

  1. the fact that you are on the yellow line, makes it difficult for the person trying to park next to you, its as simple as that.

    i would rather have more people who’d write notes to tell me that i’ve done something wrong (so that i can hopefully improve myself) than people who park their car without thinking of the person who has to park next to you.

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