Sometimes I Hate My Job

Yesterday was the day I had to give performance appraisal letters to my staff.

The envelope everyone was waiting for…

I know it was difficult for them because the company was not compensating as well as before. The industry is still reeling, therefore the knock on effect is the company could not meet most of its Key Performance Indicators.

I could not sleep much the night before. And I had to rehearse what I needed to say many times over to avoid being patronizing and unsymphathetic. Needless to say my stress level was high.

To be honest, I still haven’t gotten used to doing this year in year out. It’s never easy to manage people because we all have our personalities, traits, likes and dislikes. But it’s something I HAVE to do as the responsibility has been entrusted to me to lead the team. What made it worse was that I treat all of my staff as friends and family, so this one really hit home.

I do hope the company will fare better this year (I’m confident it will) so everyone can be commensurated fairly without any post-appraisal surprises. I know they all work hard so credit must be given where credit is due.

*azlano via Nokia E61*


4 thoughts on “Sometimes I Hate My Job

  1. I FEEL you. I am one of those underdogs. The bare-ly breathing at this point of time. It is truly, the survival of the fittest- but, nobody likes having their heart broken (especially not by their bosses/managers). Especially since… you might be one of the nicer bosses…;)

  2. I seldom juga hate my works, lebih2 lagi bila buat benda2 bodoh. But on the appraisal thingy, as a leader most of the time u have to be cruel inorder to be kind. Just Nail straight to the forehead bro!

  3. I’ve learned not to put too much hope on year-end bonus. To me, just do my 110% and the others, just leave to the boss. It’s always a subjective issue on how bosses judge perfomance. How you define “perform” ?

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