Dreaming What’s Next

 Choices! Choices! That’s the dilemma I’m facing.

As you can probably tell from my initial post, I already own a brilliant Nokia E61. It’s an amazing phone especially if you’re into communication, connectivity and messaging. I still find it incredible how Nokia managed to cram so many features into such a slim package.

But as with all gadgets it’s already starting to be a little dated, especially from the features point of view. These days my life is becoming so much more intwined with work, friends & personal endeavours from all over the place. Therefore I feel the need to be even more accessible to the things and the people who matter to me. Not in BlackBerry kind of way though… that would be way too work-centric!

The N95, E61i and E90 are the three devices I’m considering. All three offer the basic features I need (WCDMA, 3G/3.5G/HSDPA, multiple email colutions, Bluetooth, 16million colours, xHTML browser) and the one feature I miss most since my Nokia 6630, a camera!

Of late my online presence has increased dramatically so being able to edit, compose or review emails, forums, sites and blogs while on the go is a definite plus. I like to able to connect when I want, where I want. And in my line of work, quick responses and prompt decision making is integral.

So, which will it be?

The N95 is nice due to it’s 5MP Carl Zeiss camera.

The E61 is neat because it’s an improvement over something I’m so familiar with (2MP camera & even slimmer form factor!).

The E90… well, what can i say? It’s like having a laptop in your pocket.

Me thinks me need to mull this over a little longer. Although I have to say the E90 has the higher appeal (despite its size and weight). I guess you get what you pay for, right? Choices, choices!

*azlano via Fujitsu T4020*


5 thoughts on “Dreaming What’s Next

  1. Azlan, definitely the E90, my boss has it and its the coolest gadget!
    Its in brown but I heard they have it in red.
    Now, wouldnt that match your new ‘accessory’?;p

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