And so it begins!

My Nokia E61

YES! My first entry to this blog! I’ve just ported from another site so please bear with me as I make my transition.

And what a way to do it. I’m writing this on my Nokia E61 so i won’t be sharing much at the moment. All the finger typing is rather tedious! 🙂 Anyhoo, it feels good to finally do this as i’ve always wanted to but never got around to. Busy, busy, busy… So, what will i blog about you may ask? Many things!

I’m an avid fan of technology & design so I’m sure to talk about that. I’m also very much into cars so that topic will surely crop up once a while – it helps that i’m in the industry 😉 … Opinions on food, books, travels and the general state of this world (!?) will also be given some ‘air time’! If you’re lucky, i’ll even give you a peek into what goes on in my life; not that there’s anything THAT interesting going on there! Keep tuning in and be enlightened!

*azlano via Nokia E61*


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